Professional Packing Service Pricing


Starting At

$125 /Hour + Dispatch & Materials Fee

  • 2 Movers
  • S, M, L, XL Heavy Duty Boxes
  • Packing Foam
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Speciality Boxes (TV, Art, Wardrobe)
  • Professional Dish Packing Kits
  • Basic Carrier liability
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Free Virtual Walkthrough

$40/Hr Per Additional Mover

3 Hour Minimum

Excellence in Utah Packing Services

It’s moving time, and you have a thousand things to do to prepare–and that’s on top of your everyday obligations. It may seem like a good idea to pack things up yourself, but it’s turning out to be harder than you expected. You’ve stepped into a world of memories—your high school yearbooks, your old trophies, your VHS collection. It’s hard to stay out of the nostalgia rabbit hole.

And then there are the problematic pieces–the odd-shaped pictures, the delicate dishes, the antique chair that may not travel well. You’re not sure you have the right packing materials or expertise to get everything there in one piece.

And, of course, there’s the stress. If you’re orchestrating a full relocation, you’re tending to all of the details of moving out and moving in, cleaning, acclimating to a new home and area, and more. If you haven’t considered hiring a Utah packing service to prepare your belongings for the move, you may want to rethink it.

We’ve heard countless people express regret for trying to pack everything up themselves, but rarely do we ever hear anyone say they regret their choice to hire a packing service.

Why Hire a Utah Packing Service?

  • Leave it to the experts. There are reasons we don’t let the neighbor pull out our wisdom teeth! We leave that to the experts. Experts have extensive experience. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve developed their skills over countless hours. They are masters of their craft. Why expect yourself to become an expert in packing services overnight? When you trust your belongings to top-rated packers, you can rest easy knowing that they will be meticulously packed for safe transport.
  • Not as expensive as you might think. Some people dismiss the idea of packers from the onset, assuming that they will be too pricey. However, most of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that packing services are not as expensive as they anticipated—especially when they take into account how much time packing could take and how much stress it could create.
  • Shortens the moving process and relieves stress. One of the biggest miscalculations people make leading up to a move is how much time it can take. If you’re trying to pack after work or school and in between family obligations, it’s going to be slow going. That could mean your life will be in disarray for weeks on end! A professional packing service can usually get the job done in a day or two (depending on your inventory). So while a packing service may cost extra, it may well be worth not having your house cluttered with half-packed boxes and packing paper for weeks. That’s to say nothing of the constant stress that can hang over your head as you try to eke out time for packing from your already crowded schedule.
  • All the right packing materials. Some items are straightforward; you wrap them in packing paper and stack them in a box. But then, there are the high-maintenance items: oversized wall hangings, sculptures and statues, intricate figurines, wood carvings, goblets, holiday decorations, large TVs. You might find yourself running to the store to get the right packing material or box or spending large amounts of time trying to improvise with what you have. Professional packing services have seen it all, and most have every kind of container for every kind of possession. This ensures that each household item gets the custom packing that it deserves so it can travel safely and arrive unscathed.
  • Insurance covers broken items. If you fumble that Cloisonné vase while you’re packing and it shatters on the ground, you’re responsible for it. If we break it, we’re responsible for it. There are distinct financial advantages to shifting the liability to a packing service.
  • Packers bring an outsider’s perspective. Sometimes, an insider’s perspective is good, but not always for packing. If you have the tendency to get overly sentimental about items in the packing process, you may find yourself getting sidetracked by trips down memory lane or developing anxiety over how certain possessions will weather the move. As a professional packing service, our teams don’t have the same nostalgic attachment that might slow them down. Rather, we approach each item objectively as something of great value that we need to protect. We work efficiently and can save you from what might prove to be a time consuming and emotionally exhausting journey.
  • Safeguards your valuable time. Trying to do everything on your own may sound great, but there’s always an opportunity cost. We’ve all been there: spread so thin that we start shortchanging things, soon finding that by trying to do everything, we’re not doing anything quite as well. Your time is not free. It’s a valuable, finite resource, and it’s best to devote it to the things that matter most. If you’re going to end up cutting corners at work or with your relationships to try to execute the entire move, is it worth it? If you have an abundance of time to devote to your move, packing yourself may be a good option, but if you are stretched between work, family, and other responsibilities, consider giving yourself the gift of hiring a professional Utah packing service.
  • Expertise with valuables and fragile items. Professional packing services know tips and tricks for handling delicate or high-value items. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work over the years, and they can protect even the most valuable items with hacks that novice packers may not know anything about.

For more information about packing services for your move, contact our team. We do free virtual walkthroughs to give you accurate estimates with no hidden fees.

Have Any Questions?


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Who Provides Packing Materials If I Hired A Moving Company?
Utah’s Moving and Storage clients do not need to worry about packing materials. We will provide all the packing supplies and materials to ensure that all the materials used will be within our packing quality specifications for the safety of your belongings.
Can I Provide My Own Packing Materials If I Hired Professional Movers?
Yes, before Utah’s Moving and Storage may customer provided materials – manager will need to confirm they are within our packing materials quality specifications.
How Are TV’s, Mirrors And Artwork Packed Safely By Moving Companies?
Utah’s Moving and Storage has boxes specifically made to keep your TV’s, Mirrors and Artworks safe. It’s important to us that your belongings make it from point A to point B safely and securely.
How Should I Pack Liquids Like Detergents And Cleaners For My Move?
For any liquids or bagged items (rice, dog food, etc.) Utah’s Moving and Storage packs them using plastic totes. This will keep your liquids in the event of a spillover from soaking through a box and causing damages.
What Doesn’t Need To Be Packed In Boxes During My Move?
Any items that are too large to fit into standard moving boxes. This may include items such as yard tools, camping gear, large toys, furniture, etc.
How Are Hanging Clothes Packed By Movers?
Utah’s Moving and Storage uses wardrobe boxes that allow your hanging clothing to be hung up within a box so your delicate suits and dresses won’t be folded.