Long Distance Moving Company Pricing

Long Distance Moves

Labor Starting At

$125 /Hour + Travel Charge

  • Free Virtual Home Walkthrough
  • Trained Professional Movers
  • Industry’s Largest Moving Truck
  • Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly
  • Blankets & Plastic Wrap For Furniture
  • Dollies/Handtrucks
  • Lifting Straps
  • Tools
  • Tie Downs To Secure Load
  • Basic Carrier liability
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Flexible Scheduling

No Cargo Transfers Or 3rd Party Movers

Dedicated Truck & Team

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Utah’s Premier Long Distance Moving Company

Local moves are stressful enough, but long distance moves introduce a whole new layer of complexity. Long distance moves span 400 miles or more. That’s a lot of distance for your household goods to travel, which means more potential for chips, dings, and breakage.

The Biggest Problem with Long Distance Moves

Two things wreak havoc on long distance moves:

  1. Cargo transfers. Sometimes, moving companies will transfer clients’ household goods between trucks—with or without warning the client. By transferring your goods, these moving companies may be able to adjust their route planning, put fewer miles on their trucks, and fit in more moves in less time. This means more money for the moving company. Unfortunately, this can come at a cost to clients. The more items are jostled and moved, the more apt they are to get damaged or lost. Cargo transfers are not good for anyone’s shipment.
  2. Third-party movers. In a perfect world, the first moving company that touches your household goods would handle them every step of the way. But in reality, with long distance moves, you often have one company packing your things, another one loading and transporting them, and still another company unloading them.

Without one company “owning” the move process, things can get lost or broken. Parts for disassembled furniture can go missing, and the team at Point B may not know exactly how to put that furniture back together again.

What’s more, if things do get lost or broken, the blame game starts. The packers blame the loaders. The loaders blame the driver. The driver blames the unloaders and so on and so forth. Amidst the finger pointing, no one wants to take responsibility for your losses.

What Sets Our Utah Company Apart for Long Distance Moves? A Dedicated Truck and Team

Utah’s Moving and Storage Company has a solution for your long distance move with our dedicated truck and team. Our white glove service team will handle everything from packing to disassembling furniture to loading to transporting. Then, we’ll be there at the other side of your long distance move to reassemble furniture and put everything in its proper place at your new home sweet home. Though we rarely have damage claims, if anything does get lost or stolen along the way, we take full responsibility for it.

More Reasons to Hire Utah’s Moving and Storage

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with having one dedicated truck and team from start to finish, we offer more perks that make us one of the best-reviewed long distance movers in Utah. Whether you’re moving to a home, an apartment, a dorm—or if you’re a business moving to a new office—here are several things that set us apart from the competition.

Customized to your moving needs. We don’t require you to lock into rigid moving plans that make you pay for services you don’t need. We can help you with as much or as little of your long distance move as you need. Whether you need labor only (no truck), transport only, strictly packing, strictly loading/unloading, we can help with any one of these services—or any combination of these services. You will only be charged for the services you need.

Reasonable rates.We can often offer better rates than the big, national moving companies, largely because we’re not having to pay extra for third party helpers along the way. Pair our reasonable prices with our dedicated service from start to finish, and you’ll see why choosing Utah’s Moving and Storage is the best financial decision for your long distance move.

No hidden fees. The national moving companies are famous for trying to sneak in hidden fees so that you end up paying more than you expected. Utah’s Moving and Storage is committed to no hidden fees. We establish set travel costs that don’t change, regardless of weather or traffic. Our packing and loading/unloading fees are fully transparent in the original estimate, and we don’t deviate. Surprises are great for birthday parties but not for moves! You will know exactly what you are paying for with Utah’s Moving and Storage.

Large truck. We use the largest moving truck available (26 feet) so there’s plenty of space for your belongings.

Prompt delivery. Rest assured that your load won’t be sitting in your destination area, waiting for an unloading crew. Since our team is with you seamlessly from packing to unloading, we’ll be ready to deliver your goods as soon as we arrive at your home. And since we aren’t shuffling your belongings between trucks to make room for more loads, we’ll transport your goods as fast as possible. There are few things more frustrating than waiting around for your belongings to be delivered. We make sure you can get them as soon as possible so you can start settling into your new area.

Local team with a personal touch. We’re you’re neighbors. We live and work and raise our families in your community. As such, we treat you like neighbors. Our many 5-star reviews attest to this fact.

No temp workers. No matter how good a moving company is, it really comes down to the people handling your belongings. And this is where the damage can happen. In a high-turnover industry, many companies rely on temporary workers to fill positions. This means that the person loading your stately armoire onto the truck or packing up your wedding china may or may not have ever moved someone before.

Utah’s Moving and Storage Company has a steadfast commitment to avoiding temp workers. Rather, we vet and hire our own workers, ensuring that they can pass rigid background requirements and test negative on ongoing drug tests. Before any of our employees head out on the job, they complete our exhaustive long distance move training program. This gives you peace of mind, protects your prized belongings, and keeps us from having to deal with unhappy customers and damage claims.

Our workers are clean cut, respectful, and they know their stuff. If they didn’t, we certainly wouldn’t let them handle your stuff!

Licensed and insured. One of the biggest drawbacks of moving yourself is that if you break something, you are responsible for it. Scuffs on furniture or walls, shattered dishes, punctured art canvases…they’re yours to fix or replace.

Because Utah’s Moving and Storage is a licensed and insured company with all of the credentials for long distance moves, we’ll replace or repair anything that we damage. It’s that simple. And because we don’t use third party movers or shift your cargo between trucks, we won’t point fingers at anyone else. We will assume responsibility and quickly make it right.

Assembly/disassembly. From daybeds to dining room tables, some furniture will need to be disassembled for safe transport. Our Utah long distance move crew has the tools and expertise to break furniture down efficiently. We’ll safely transport all parts and hardware to your next location, where it will be assembled by our team (not some third party team that has no idea how the pieces go back together).

Top of the line moving supplies. Cheap boxes and packing materials won’t be enough to protect your belongings for the long haul. We don’t cut corners on moving supplies and will show up with heavy duty boxes and tape and all the right packing materials to keep everything safe, right down to the most delicate goblet or figurine. We’ll also bring customized boxes and cartons for those hard-to-pack items: large pieces of art, flat screen televisions, wood carvings, sculptures, and more.

We’ll secure your furniture with plastic wrap and blankets so it’s completely buffered on our truck. And we’ll protect your floor with mats so it doesn’t sustain any wear and tear from the move.

Reliable. There are many moving pieces to a long distance move. If the movers don’t show up or if they cut corners, it could start a domino effect of problems that could quickly turn into a nightmare. We show up when we say we will and do exactly what we committed to do. That’s why we’re recognized among Utah’s most dependable long distance moving companies.

Meticulous labeling. You can really lose efficiency in a move when things are poorly labeled. It can lead to items getting lost or misplaced or plunked down in the wrong room in your new home so that you have to shuttle things around later. We cannot overestimate the importance of careful labeling. Our team is fastidious about labeling boxes legibly and accurately so that they end up exactly where they should at your destination.

Preparing for a Long Distance Move

At Utah’s Moving and Storage, we’ve done enough long distance moves to know the best ways to prepare. Here are tried-and-true ideas from our Utah long distance moving pros:

Decide on a date. This will involve assessing school and work schedules, the end of your tenancy at your current residence, how soon you can get into your future residence, and the availability of your movers. Ideally, you should give yourself a window after the truck pulls away with your belongings to have your home and carpets cleaned and do a walk-through with the landlord (if you are renting).

Meet with the movers. Specify exactly what you need from your movers, whether it’s packing, loading, transporting, unloading, or all of the above. Book your dates, remembering that it may take one to three days to pack your home (depending on your inventory) and another day to load your possessions onto the truck. Find out how long it will take for the moving company to drive to your new location and ensure that you can be there to meet them on the other side.

Book your travel. If you are driving, book hotels along the way. If you are flying, secure your flights early.

Make your master list. Your head will likely be swirling with to-dos once you set your moving date. Start with the date you move into your home and make a list of things you need to accomplish week-by-week, working backwards. Having things on paper will keep you on track and relieve the anxiety of the unknown.

Declutter. Go room by room, eliminating anything you don’t want to move. Ask yourself if you like that item enough to 1) pay for it to be moved and 2) go to the trouble of unpacking it in your new home. Have one large bin for donations and another for trash. If this is a painful process for you, invite a friend or family member to help you be objective. You can also relegate the decluttering to a certain time frame each day, whether it be 30 minutes, one hour, etc. Things become less painful when there’s an established end-time.

Arrange for cleaning services. If you are not planning to clean your home by yourself, arrange for cleaners to come after your belongings have been loaded onto the truck. This includes carpet cleaning. Remember to allow time for the carpet to dry before anyone walks on it (for the final walk through of the home, etc.).

Create a “don’t move” space. Long distance moves can be tricky because you still have to live life between the time that your belongings begin to be packed up and the time that they are delivered to your new home. Figure out what items you’ll need in that time frame and set them aside in a specific place. Then, make sure to tell the movers not to pack it.

One idea is to empty out a closet for your essential items and mark it off with blue painter’s tape.

Essential items may include:

  • Toiletries
  • Suitcases packed with enough clothing to last you until your goods are delivered
  • Medications
  • Pet food and care items
  • Cleaning supplies (to include rags, a mop, and a vacuum that you can either transport in your own car or put on the moving truck toward the end of your loading day)
  • Painting supplies for wall touch-ups
  • Food
  • Plates/utensils
  • Basic cooking items (pot, pan, etc.)
  • Pens, paper, scissors, tape, etc.

Move-out tips:

Make signs to label each room of your home. This will help the movers label boxes correctly.

Move-in tips:

  • If you have time on your journey, create a grocery order for pick up at a store near your destination. Once you have the keys to your new place, you can pick up the order (or have it delivered). It’s an efficient way to restock your shelves.
  • Create signs at your new house so movers know where to deliver things (you can label the family room, owner’s suite, kids’ bedrooms, den, etc.).
  • Make sure you get the washer and dryer hooked up quickly. You will likely have accumulated quite a bit of laundry through the move-out and travel processes.

At Utah’s Moving and Storage Company, we have the know-how and experience to make your long distance move as simple and stress-free as possible. With our dedicated truck and team, we eliminate the challenges that come when your things are transferred from truck to truck or when too many different people handle your belongings.

Our goal is to show up on time, exceed your customer service expectations, and transport your items damage-free. Moves are stressful. Your moving company should relieve that stress—not add to it. Contact us today to find out how we can take the stress out of your long distance move.

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How Much Does A Long Distance Move Cost?
Each long distance moving quote is customized to tailor to each customer’s belongings and needs. Utah’s Moving and Storage offers free virtual home walkthroughs to understand each client’s needs and to give our professional help. Call us for more information.
What Does “Dedicated Truck And Team” Mean When Hiring Long Distance Movers?
Utah’s Moving and Storage clients receive a dedicated truck and team for their entire long distance move. We do not transfer your belongings or hire other companies to handle your belongings. Our team will exclusively move you from point A to point B.
How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book My Long Distance Move?
For long distance moves, the more time you can give your moving company, the better the company can accommodate. Moves arranged with a month or more advance noticed will be less expensive and will be most flexible in terms of our team’s availability.
How Are Long Distance Quotes Set Up?
There Are Two Parts, The Labor Quote & Travel Cost. The Labor Quote Is Based On How Many Movers Are Required And The Time It Is Estimated To Complete The Move. The Travel Cost Is A Set Number And Will Not Increase Or Decrease. It Includes The Truck, Gas, Miles, Drive Time, Lodging, Flights and Any Other Travel Arrangements or Rentals.
How Can I Pay For My Long Distance Move?
We accept all major credit cards & cashiers checks. We do not accept banking checks.
Can I Have An Exact Arrival Date For My Long Distance Move?
Yes! Utah’s Moving and Storage will deliver your on an exact date according to your schedule preferences to the best of our ability. Unforeseen circumstances aside, we aim to make sure clients are moved in exactly when requested.
Can A Car Be Towed Behind The Moving Truck For A Long Distance Move?
No, Utah’s Moving and Storage does not transport vehicles.