5 Items to Check off your Summer Moving Checklist

The moving season typically peaks from May to September, with many people moving during the heat of the summer. There are pros and cons of moving during different times of the year. Many families choose to move while their children are on summer vacation, meaning less disruption to school schedules and sleep routines. In addition, work obligations may be lighter during summer for many industries.

While moving during the beating heat may still be way better than during the dead of winter, a July move can be pretty brutal. There are extra precautions to take when dealing with extremely high temperatures. Here are five items to check off your moving checklist when embarking on a summer move.

1. Book a Moving Company in Advance

Remember how we mentioned everyone and their dog moves between May and September? That means those Utah moving companies might be all booked up months out. Call in advance and get your move on their schedule. You don’t want to wait till the last minute and have to move by yourself or get stuck with the movers with a page of horrible reviews on Google. Even if you decide to move alone, you better reserve a moving truck; those get booked quickly during the moving season too.

2. Take Safety Precautions

Moving on a sunny day sounds super ideal, right? Well, not when you’re dehydrated and have a sunburn. Utah summers can reach above 100 degrees in the peak summer months. With extreme heat comes increased health risks. You may be outside frequently in the midst of a move. Always wear your sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or 50 to prevent your chance of sunburn, sun damage, or skin cancer. Nothing will ruin your long-distance move quite like an excruciating sunburn. Don’t forget to nag your children about wearing sunscreen and reapplying as necessary.

Secondly, load up on the liquids and stay hydrated. Water is a necessity, but consider keeping something with electrolytes with you, such as Gatorade or Smart Water. Heatstroke is a leading cause of death among children and the elderly, so take every precaution to keep you and the rest of your family out of harm’s way. Continue to check on each member of your family throughout the move.

3. Be Aware of Items That Will Be Affected by Heat

102-degree weather may not be the best time to load the car with chocolate and candles, especially if you have a long road ahead and will take frequent breaks outside the vehicle. Some types of wood can also be damaged in hot spaces or direct sunlight for too long, so be aware of that. Donate your candles to a friend instead of facing the risk of them melting all over other valuable items. You also might skip the crayons as your children’s main car activity because they are not fun when they melt into your leather seats. Just be aware of items that will melt or become damaged in sunlight, and you’ll dodge some very un-fun situations.

4. Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

If you’re hot, then so is your pet. Moving day will be hectic with doors wide open and lots of foot traffic. If you can opt for a pet sitter on a moving day. It might be best for your pets and you so you won’t worry about them the whole time. Keeping certain types of pets in a secured cage will do, though. Ensure they get plenty of food and water, and shade throughout the move, and remember, if you’re hot, so is your pet.

5. Turn Utilities on in Your New Home

With so much going on, it may slip your mind that you have to call your new utility company to put utilities in your name. You’ll regret forgetting this when you walk into what feels like a sauna on your first day in the place. Put this on your checklist and get it taken care of before showing up to your new crib so you can either turn on the A/C before your arrival (if possible) or switch on the A/C first thing as soon as you arrive.

Moving in the summer has definite benefits, but it can also be draining and lead to low energy levels, sunburns, and dehydration without proper planning and safety precautions. Heat stroke and sun damage can 100% be avoided, so don’t forget to add the above items to your summer moving checklist, and you’ll stay safe, healthy, and happy during your move. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your move and haven’t hired a professional moving company, feel free to contact us today!


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